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From data collection to data analytics, we’ve got you covered.

Using our RTR Field Forms software platform, we work directly with you to build custom data systems for your project or organization. By addressing the 3 primary components of the data life cycle; collection, storage and analysis, an RTR Field Forms solution can help eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the flow of information.

Data Collection

Data Collection

With your help, we’ll build custom mobile applications specific to your project or organization’s needs. Field Form applications are optimized for tablet or touch screen systems and can run on any windows based device. We support integration of an ever growing list of commonly used scientific instrumentation directly into our applications.

Data Collection

Data Storage

Your data is hosted in a secure centralized database. Regardless of the number of data collection devices or users, all your data ultimately resides in the same place in the same format. This simple but powerful concept produces dramatic improvements in data quality, efficiency, and access to your data.

Data Collection

Data Analysis & Reporting

Access your data anytime, anywhere, in real-time through a secure data portal. See data from your mobile workforce appear as they synchronize their data. Utilize a suite of data management tools that allow you to add, edit, export, import, sort, filter, query, visualize and report on your project data.

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