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Data Dashboards

Data dashboards with interactive visualizations to quickly summarize your data

  • Visually analyze your data
  • View all your key project metrics in one place, updated in real time
  • Dynamically and interactively explore your data
  • Embed visualizations in external websites
  • Integrate R Statistics & R Visualizations
  • Embed 3rd party data sources
  • Access dashboards on mobile phones for real time updates

Mobile Applications

Streamline, standardize and improve the quality of your data through custom data collection applications designed specifically for your project.

  • Wirelessly synchronization data directly to centralized database
  • Standardize data collection across your workforce
  • Optimized for touch data entry
  • Real time record validation
  • Real time database queries
  • Compatibility with scientific instrumentation
  • Ability to quickly modify and deploy updated versions of the application
  • Distributable to any number of end users
  • Works in a disconnected environment

Data Management Console

Manage your data in a secure, centralized data management console. See and analyze data from your mobile workforce in real time.

  • Access to raw data tables
  • Add, edit, delete, sort, filter your data
  • Export to Excel & .csv
  • Secure user authentication
  • Connect to 3rd party data sources

User Management

As a project administrator, define who has access to your data as well as what they can/can’t do with the data.

  • Add/remove users to/from your data system
  • Control who has access to the mobile data system
  • Control who has access to the data management console
  • Specify read only, export and visibility permissions on a user level basis
  • Send automated data system invitations and instructions to your mobile workforce


Spatially visualize and analyze your data via web-based geospatial tools.

  • Embed ESRI map services directly into data dashboards
  • Create, edit and share your spatial data
  • Integration with most existing desktop and enterprise GIS databases
  • Custom spatial queries and analyses
  • Custom reporting

Scientific Instrumentation

Integrate 3rd party scientific instrumentation directly into your data system. If we don’t already support it, we can build it.

  • RFID Readers for animal identification (Biomark HPR Plus, Biomark IS1001, OR RFID Data Tracer and others)
  • Bar code scanners
  • GPS
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital Scales
  • Custom development for other instrumentation

Support & Maintenance

We’ll work closely with you to build your system and stay out of your way until you need us.

  • Application troubleshooting & updates
  • Application modifications and feature requests
  • Database hosting, maintenance and support
  • Cloud services maintenance and support
  • Task management system for submitting and tracking tasks, bugs or feature requests

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